Your Support Needed for House Bill 1234

Jennifer GoodrumFeatured News

April 9, 2010

Just this week, the CDA learned that a major insurer plans to outsource the processing of dental claims to an office in India.

Dentists have expressed concern about the effects of this policy, including the fact that education and training of dentists in India is vastly different from that in the U.S. Denials of coverage can often equate to denials of care, and it is critical that those who make these decisions be appropriately qualified.

The insurer, MetLife, has indicated that they will abide by state laws that prohibit this kind of practice. However, states without laws restricting the credentials of claim processors will be most vulnerable under the arrangement.

HB 1234, which is currently before the legislature, offers the opportunity to establish some standards for those that review insurance claims. HB 1234 would require insurance companies to use U.S. licensed healthcare practitioners who have expertise in the specialty or field involved in the claim for any denials of insurance benefits. This bill would provide at least minimal protection for Coloradans.

Please click here to write your legislator now in support of HB 1234.