Larimer County Dental Society

The Larimer County Dental Society (LCDS) represents dentists in north central Colorado.

Purpose of LCDS
The Larimer County Dental Society strives to:

  • promote and maintain high ethical and moral characteristics essential to professionalism.
  • promote continuing education in order to provide the best treatment and care for our patients.
  • promote fair price in the profession and camaraderie among the members.
  • promote legislation which will best serve the public and the profession and support political candidates who favor our goals.
  • promote the profession to highly qualified potential students and urge them to enter the profession.

History of LCDS
Early dentists came to Larimer County for various reasons: prospecting, mining, get-rich-quick schemes, climate and health, for legitimate practice and some were born here.

Thirteen dentists formed the Fort Collins Dental Association Aug. 11, 1908, the first association to be organized in the state outside Denver. They soon realized there were other eligible dentists in the country who could benefit by and contribute to the society. On Nov. 2, 1909, the LCDS was formed at a dinner at the Northern Hotel where Dr. Howard J. Livingston was elected president.

The purpose of the organization was to cooperate with the Denver Society and the State Board of Dental Examiners to exclude the illegal practitioners from the state, to uphold the high standards of the profession, etc. They offered free dental examinations to grade school children.

The minutes of this association were missing until January 1926 when the minutes of the Fort Collins Dental Association (FCDA) were interspersed with the minutes of the LCDS. Apparently both continued to meet together and also separately.

On Dec. 7, 1926, the FCDA applied to the Colorado Dental Association for membership and was accepted. On Jan. 24, 1927, they moved to adopt the constitution and bylaws of the CDA and ADA.

The first female dentist in the county (1902-1910) was not a member of the society. Sixty six years later, the first woman was accepted for membership.

Continuing education has been an important part of the society from its beginning. Early members demonstrated some idea or technique they had used or developed in this pioneering stage of the profession. In the 1920s and the 1930s, clinicians came mostly from Denver. Current programs are varied with clinicians, political action programs, and scientific and material updates.

The American Association of Orthodontists was organized July 16-19, 1929, at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, but Larimer County did not have an orthodontist until 1956. (Submitted by Venita Schneider)

CDA Trustee
Dr. Zach Alleman
Fort Collins


Dr. Laura Milroy, President

Dr. Lindsey Cosper, Past President
Fort Collins

Dr. Mark Auble, Vice President

Dr. Jessica Allen, Treasurer
Fort Collins

Dr. Adam Timock, Secretary
Fort Collins


1909          H.J. Livingston

1910-26     (not available)

1927-28     Otis L. Smith

1928-29     J.W. Setzler

1929-30     Fred W. Stoddard

1930-31     Willard W. Bennett

1931-32     Otis Smith

1933-34     S.M. Gibbs (Resigned)

G.F. Hicks

1934-35     H.J. Livingston

1935-36     A.A. Drew

1937-38     (not available)

1938-39     C.S. Savage

1939-40     (not available)

1940-41      Morse A. Gates

1941-42      Harry A. Grant

1942-43      E.O. Hile

1943-44      C.W. Coover

1945-46      C.E. Burke (Resigned)

F.W. Stoddard (Resigned)

Clarence Matteson

1947-48      Hayde Crowell

1948-49      Frances Richards

1949-50      Alfred D. Peck (Resigned)

Loren Anderson

1951-52      Harold C. Warner (Resigned)

Robert W. Lanning

1953-54     Charles W. West

1954-55     Robert B. Fickel

1955-56     Solomon Schneider

1956-57     Willian L. Hull

1957-58     Hal Irwin

1958-59     Joseph J. Beckner

1959-60     Deryl D. Swanbom

1960-61     Karl E. Carson

1961-62     Thomas W. Bennett

1962-63     Vernon W. Wahlen

1963-64     Richard Schilling

1964-65     W.W. Ferguson

1965-66     J.R. Astle

1966-67     Cecil Bartlett

1967-68     J.T. Mamak

1969-70     Jack Galbreath

1970-71     G. Pat Waneckak

1971-72     Robert Weakley

1972-73     Nathan Reynolds

1973-74     Thomas L. Carson

1974-75     Douglas Frost

1975-76     Zachary Kaplan

1976-77     William K. Davis

1977-78     William K. Moninger

1978-79     Lynn Carlisle

1979-80     Richard Wells

1980-81     Louis Liley

1981-82     John McLean

1982-83     Roger Tuenge

1983-84     Nathan Reynolds

1984-85     Ron P. Hanawalt

1985-86     Richard Lindeberg

1986-87     James Frankum

1987-88     Richard Sathre

1988-89     Tim Anderson

1989-90     Arthur Johnson

1990-91     Ralph Beyersdorf

1991-92     John A. Curtis

1992-93     Anthony Girardi

1993-94     Ronald L. Baker

1994-95     Dale Feichtinger

1995-96     Michael Iacoboni

1996-97     Lloyd Thomas

1997-98     Edmund Robison

1998-99     David Carter

1999-00     John Hanck

2000-01     Joe Tomlinson

2001-02     David Nordstrom

2002-03     Paul Sherick

2003-04     Leslie Paris

2004-05     Stephen Ballard

2005-06     Shiloh Lindsey

2006-07     David Jones

2007-08    Patrick Harrison

2008-09    Mark Orr

2010-11     Todd Singiser

2011-12     Nicole Holmes

2012-13     Brandon Owen

2013-14     Ciaran Murphy