House HHS Considers Loan Repayment and Fixes to SBDE Statute

February 5, 2010

Today, the House Health and Human Services (HHS) committee considered two dental-related bills:

  • HB10-1128 Regulatory structures/efficiencies bill
    The bill specifies that the state board of dental examiners (SBDE) may collect peer assistance funds; amends language from last year’s academic licensure bill that might prevent dental students from doing their clinical training.
  • HB10-1138 Loan repayment for primary care providers who work in rural and underserved areas
    The bill would work to increase access to primary care in rural and underserved areas through enhancing loan repayment programs. The bill would apply to a very limited population of oral health providers and would supplement the existing dental loan repayment program.

The House HHS committee gave initial approval to the bills, referring HB 1128 to Appropriations and HB 1138 to the House floor for further action.