Wellness means different things to different people, but one thing is certain – we ALL need it. In 2020, the CDA is delivering a member benefit like none before. Each month a different aspect of wellness will be in the spotlight and available for dentists and their teams to learn from and use.

What are you waiting for? Hindsight doesn’t need to be a part of 2020!

Monthly Topics

  • January
    Return on Investment: Providing an Office Wellness Program
  • February
    Ergonomics in the Dental Office
  • March
    Stop Making Excuses! Get Healthy!
  • April
    Stress Awareness and Stress Management
  • May
    Employee Health and Fitness
  • June
    Work-Life Balance: The Importance of Downtime
  • July
    Financial Health for the Present and Future
  • August
    Mindfulness, Gratitude and Meditation
  • September
    Suicide Prevention: Helping Others and Helping Yourself
  • October
    Office Stretching, Body Therapy and Selfcare
  • November
    Healthy Aging, Risk for Disease and Hazards of Occupation
  • December
    Nutrition Tips and Surviving the Holidays

The Eight Dimensions of Wellness

  • Emotional

    Coping effectively with stress and growing from experiences

  • Financial

    Successfully managing financial expenses

  • Occupational

    Enjoying occupational endeavors and having personal satisfaction at work

  • Social

    Developing meaningful relationships that create a healthy support network

  • Environmental

    Respecting surroundings and raising awareness

  • Intellectual

    Having an open mind to new ideas and participating in activities

  • Physical

    Maintaining a healthy body and seeking care when needed

  • Spiritual

    Developing a set of values to gain meaning and purpose





Constantly running from one task to the next can leave you little time to pause, let alone read or learn new things. Despite your schedule, there is still an opportunity to de-stress while in transit by listening to podcasts. Here are a few wellness podcasts to add to your audio playlist. Have a podcast to add to this list? Email erica@cdaonline.org


    Well-Being Resources

    Knowing when to reach out for help is the most important part of your well-being plan. No one can do everything alone, and this is especially true when substance dependency occurs, or emotional, psychological or physical complications arise that could affect your ability to practice dentistry.

    If you need help, one phone call is all that it takes.

    Search for therapists, psychiatrists, and support groups.

    This website does not provide specific well-being or healthcare advice. The site is intended only to be used as general information pertaining to well-being and related health topics. The information presented is not intended to replace or serve as substitute for professional healthcare services with a physician. Any observations and/or opinions contained on the website should not be construed as specific medical advice.