Well Being Programs

The most valuable asset in any dental practice is the dentist. Optimal health and work-life balance are essential to the dentist and dental practice.

The practice of clinical dentistry is physically, mentally and emotionally demanding. Many dentists thrive on the challenges and benefits of dental practice. For other dentists, things happen, circumstances change, life doesn’t always go according to plan.


Concerned Colorado Dentists

Concerned Colorado Dentists (CCD) is a group of dentist volunteers, most of whom are in recovery from chemical dependency and other former impairments, that works to help impaired dentists address their afflictions before patients are harmed or other damage occurs. CCD complements the Dentists Peer Assistance Program (DPAP) by providing additional services and support that only peer recovering dentists can provide. There is no cost for these confidential services. Call Dr. Brett Kessler for information at 720-989-7960.

CCD Services:

  • Peer support and practice help from dentists who have been there.
  • Information about addiction, treatment and recovery among dentists.
  • Colleague interventions to gently urge voluntary corrective action before consequences occur.
  • Speakers for dental, dental assisting and dental hygiene school meetings.
Peer Assistance Services Inc.
303-369-0039, 866-369-0039

Alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse are the nation’s top health problems. The general population has at least a 10% incidence of addiction, and studies show dentists are no different. The Colorado Dental Board has a contract with Peer Assistance Services Inc. to provide services for dentists and other dental team members who are dealing with emotional, psychological or physical problems that could affect to their ability to practice dentistry. This program (funded through license fees) is an alternative to the traditional disciplinary process. The board may refer a dentist to the program in lieu of discipline or a dentist may enter the program voluntarily. Some costs may be the responsibility of the individual.