CDA Easy Pay

Make Your Annual Dues Renewal Painless

In response to member requests, the CDA is pleased to offer CDA Easy Pay for membership dues renewal.

This program breaks your dues balance into four easy payments that can be charged to a credit card (CDA members who use their American Dental Association U.S. Bank credit cards to pay their dues receive double reward points) or withdrawn from your checking or savings account. CDA Easy Pay helps you manage your cash flow more efficiently and reduces your year-end expenses. The CDA does not charge a service fee for this benefit.

How it Works

CDA Easy Pay splits your dues balance into four monthly installments that will be debited from your checking/savings account or charged to your credit card (October 2017 through early January 2018) for an amount equal to your 2018 membership dues and voluntary contributions.

Once you sign up for CDA Easy Pay in a calendar year, you will stay enrolled in the program all year unless the CDA receives written notification that you would like to discontinue your enrollment. Any discontinuation notice must be provided in a time and manner that affords the CDA a reasonable opportunity to act on it.

Sign up for CDA Easy Pay!

Dues amounts vary depending on membership type and component society. To confirm your total dues amount, please contact CDA Director of Membership Erica Carvin at 303-996-2842; 800-343-3010, ext. 102; or