Sharps Waste Management

HealthFirst Sharps Management

CDA Member Benefit: Sharps Management is the compliant and economical choice for the disposal of your practice’s sharps waste. A typical dental practice can save $1,000-$2,000 annually when compared to traditional pick-up services. The containers provided meet OSHA’s best practices for sharps handling, and the specially packaged mail-back kits are designed so that UPS can pick them up just like a regular package. Plus, you can track and download disposal manifests online through their OnTraQ program.

  • No contracts or commitments to expensive annual obligations
  • Only pay for the products you need
  • On demand shipping means no unscheduled pickups
  • All the containers are OSHA compliant
  • ADA member exclusive savings (10% off MSRP) not found anywhere else

Stuck in an expensive pick-up services contract? Contact a HealthFirst compliance counselor to see how much you can save by switching to mail-back once your contract is up.

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