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CDA Member Benefit: Avitus Dental CDA members will save 10% off on RCM services.

Avitus Dental is a national organization providing a range of business services to dental practices in Colorado throughout the United States. 

Have questions about compliance, payroll, PPP or HR? Avitus can help. 

During these trying times, Avitus Dental is offering a free service for all dentists.
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Virtual Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services help you increase your overall profitability through consistent, professional billing and collection practices. You gain the advantage of having timely and accurate invoicing through the latest and most secure technologies, improved patient communication and fewer past-due accounts. Plus, if accounts do go into collection, you’ll have peace of mind knowing we comply with and stay up to date on all state and federal debt collection requirements.

Working with Avitus Dental reduces the time you and your staff spend on these processes, freeing you to focus on your patients and build your practice. And now, thanks to our partnership with the CDA, Avitus Dental CDA members will save 10% off our RCM services. 

To get started, contact Anton Loncar today at or (720) 202-7978. More information is also available at