Credit Card Processing

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CDA Member Benefit: Best Card saves the average dental practice 27% or $5,516 annually over prior processors, all while providing unparalleled customer service. Call for their exclusive CDA member rates.

Endorsed by the CDA since 2007, Best Card is now endorsed by the ADA and over 40 other dental associations coast-to-coast. Best Card’s Colorado dental practices have an average effective rate of 2.1% to 2.2%. What is your effective rate?

Receive a no-obligation, detailed cost analysis, and a $5 Amazon gift card, when you fax to 866-717-7247 or email a recent statement.

Best Card is proud to introduce …
Best Card’s Paylink system features automatic posting of credit card payments to popular practice management software. Call for a full listing.

redrocksbestcardteamcroppedmoreUse existing equipment or purchase new equipment for as little as $269 ($100 discount for Best Card merchants – total cost only $169).  If you have recurring payments or are interested in taking payments online on your computer, iPad or smartphone, ask about Best Card’s online systems and check processing options. Call 877-739-3952 to learn more.

Best Card offers Interchange Plus pricing and a tiered rate structure for CDA members. They can help you decide which pricing structure is best for your practice.