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CDA Products: Lab Pads, X-ray Training Program, Quit the Spit Tobacco Education Tool
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The CDA offers products to help your practice. You can purchase these products online through the CDA store.

Lab Work Authorization Forms
Colorado State Board of Dental Examiners-approved Lab Work Authorization Forms are available for purchase through the CDA. Each book contains 50 duplicate work order forms. The CDA member price is $33 plus tax for one package of 6 books and $29.50 plus tax per package if ordering two or more packages. Contact Mike Masamori at 303-996-2841, 800-343-3010 ext. 101 or

X-ray Training Program
Certify your assistants who take x-rays with a required State Board of Dental Examiners approved training course. Updated in 2018, it’s completely online and on-demand. The CDA member price is $150. The non-member price is $300. You can purchase the training online

Quit the Spit Tobacco Education Tool
Purchase this anti-tobacco video in DVD or VHS format. This award winning CDA program combines testimonials from college-aged kids with facts about the harmful effects of tobacco use. In addition, learn about one teenager’s story as an oral cancer survivor. The cost is $10. Contact Molly Pereira at 303-996-2844, 800-343-3010 ext. 104 or



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