Core Operating Values

The members of the Colorado Dental Association believe in and endeavor to practice the following core values: effective leadership, open communication, ethical behavior, moral courage, strong advocacy, fellowship, and teamwork.

The CDA defines these terms as follows:

Leadership is an activity, not a position. The leaders of the CDA will not simply exercise leadership in their official capacity in the organization; they are expected to serve as a leader in the profession for their patients, staff, colleagues, and communities.
The CDA believes in an open and honest dialogue among its members and with stakeholders. This includes transparency with members regarding organizational goals and strategic vision.
Members of the CDA will adhere to the ADA Code of Ethics and strive to carry forth that behavior in all aspects of their public and personal lives.
Sometimes leadership is difficult and risky. The CDA is committed through this plan to make tough decisions that lead to a stronger organization.
The CDA believes firmly in strong advocacy at the Colorado legislature and will ensure it has the highest level of representation available for the organization.
The CDA is united by the common element of individuals who are uniquely trained and hold the skill and license to practice the art and science of dentistry. This common bond creates a fellowship throughout the membership to work together internally to achieve our goals and objectives.
The profession shall work collectively and with external stakeholders to advance oral health in Colorado. The CDA, as the recognized leading advocate for oral health in Colorado, shall engage and lead discussions throughout the state.