Celebrating 130 Years

Honoring Our Past • Building Our Future

The CDA has a rich history. We will continue to recognize and celebrate that past as we build our future for the next generation of dentists.

  • A Look Back to the Future
    at 130 Years

    To recognize its 130th anniversary, we look back at the CDA’s history.

  • A History of Dentistry in Colorado 1859-1959

    Written by William Alan Douglas, the book is available online.

  • How Well Do You Know the History of the CDA?

    Test your knowledge with these trivia questions.

“Most early Colorado dentists were individualistic, content to exist by the broadest interpretation of laisse-faire principles and suspicious of any effort to organize their activities. … However … the [Colorado State Dental Association] broke through the barriers of public and professional indifference to secure legal recognition of a code of dental ethics.”William Alan Douglas

Dr. William Smedley

At the first official meeting of the then-Colorado State Dental Association, held June 7-8, 1887, Dr. William Smedley was elected the first president of the association, along with Dr. John Grannis, first vice president; Dr. B.W. Rogers, second vice president; Dr. J.N. Chipley, corresponding secretary; and Dr. H.P. Kelley, recording secretary and treasurer. Smedley was an 1866 graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery.


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