BOT Packet

Board of Trustees – November 14, 2009 Meeting
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**Note handouts are available as links throughout the agenda below.**

I. Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance: D. Lurye (10:00 am)

II. Roll Call: C. Utke


D. Lurye, President

P. Scarpella, President Elect

T. Pixley, Vice President

J. Hurst, Past President

K. Peters, Treasurer

J. Tomlinson, Editor

J. Savory, Speaker of the House

C. Utke, Secretary

J. Young, Exec Director


R. Morrow, Ark. Valley

D. Johnson, B/BCDS

J. Ordahl, Colo. Springs

S. Kaufman, Intermountain

J. Siegmund, Larimer County

T. Kneller, MDDS

J. Armbruster, II, Northeastern

B. West, San Juan Basin

F. Thrash, San Luis Valley

R. J. Schultz, Southeastern

R. Benke, Weld County

D. Nock, Western CO

Alternate Trustees:

C. Kelley, Ark Valley

G. Beilby, MDDS

T. Eckles, Weld County

R. Yardumian, Intermountain

B. Owen, Larimer County

R. Santi, San Luis Valley

J. Schoemaker, Northeastern

R. Mickelson, San Juan Basin

M. Madison, WCDS

M. Mollner, CSDS


D. Jackson, B/BCDS

ADT Liaison:

Student Representative

T. Manzo, Student

CDA Staff:

M. Pereira, Assoc ED of Opns

G. Mustain, Office Mgr.

P. Brockhaus, Dir. of Finance

J. Nicoulin, Dir. Memb. Admin

L. Garvin, Dir. of Memb. Benefits

J. Goodrum, Dir. Gov. Relations

M. Masamori, Dir., Fac/Srv Sup

Liz Goldin, Lisa Meacham

C. Hebeler, Lobbyist

S. Hamilton, Lobbyist

III. Approval of the Agenda – D. Lurye

IV. Priority Agenda – D. Lurye

V. Presidents Report – D. Lurye

VI. Guests:

VII. Secretary’s Report – C. Utke

A. Approval of August 15, 2009 Board of Trustees Minutes ,

VIII. Treasurer’s Report – K. Peters

A. FY 2009 Report of the Auditors ,

B. FY 2009 IRS Form 990

C. Council on Finance/CDAE Report: K. Peters

1. Endorsed Companies Restructuring

IX. Reports of Councils and Committees

A. Consent Reports

1. Dentists Professional Liability Trust of Colorado: J. Shoemaker
2. Medical Benefit Plan Trust: D. Werking
3. Dental Limited Liability Company: M. Masamori

B. Action Reports

1. Governmental Relations: P. Scarpella & J. Hurst

a. Governmental Relations Update: J. Goodrum
b. CODPAC Update: J. Goodrum
c. ADPAC Update: J. Goodrum
d. Lobbyist Report: C. Hebeler

2. Membership: C. Utke and J. Tomlinson

a. Membership Initiatives: C. Utke
b. Membership Renewals: J. Nicoulin
c. Membership Activities: L Garvin
d. Communications: J. Tomlinson

X. Old Business

A. Ascent Benefits Company Update: D. Lurye

1. Ascent Board of Trustees Nominations

B. Task Force Reports:

1. Continuing Education TF: D. Lurye
2. Medicaid TF: J. Hurst
3. Colorado Mission of Mercy TF: P. Scarpella.

C. Anesthesia Rule: D. Lurye

D. New Web Services: J. Young

E. Governance Task Force: B. West

F. EDDA Task Force: D. Lurye

XI. New Business

A. Whistleblower Policy Approval

B. Ascent Board of Trustees Nominations

C. CODPAC Bylaws approval

XII. Officer and Trustee Reports

XIII. Announcements

A. Schedule of Events

B. Next Board of Trustees Meeting: January 24, 2010, at 10:00 a.m. at CDA

XIV. Executive Session (If needed.)

XV. Adjournment