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Ascent Benefits Company Operations Coming to Close in Colorado 

For three years, the Colorado Dental Association has worked to build Ascent Benefits Company into a dental insurer that embodied the values, ideas and principles of organized dentistry.  Unfortunately, current economic constraints have resulted in continual financial losses, leading to our decision to begin winding down the operations of Ascent.

There is no doubt that Ascent was a welcome addition to the Colorado marketplace, with its commitment to high-quality plan designs and freedom from interference in the doctor-patient relationship.  Colorado dentists embraced these concepts and created one of the largest provider networks in state through their participation and commitment to quality dentistry.  We greatly appreciate the commitment of our members to serve as providers in this effort.

Unfortunately, due to trying economic times, a benefit plan of this nature was faced with notable challenges in the Colorado marketplace, as employers have been forced to pursue reductions in their benefit costs.  To continue existing in the marketplace, Ascent was faced with the pressure of having to adjust its plan with lower and lower reimbursement rates, as so many other plans in the state have done, or remaining true to its pledge to try to make Ascent the best plan out there.  We were not willing to lower our standards.

If you are an Ascent provider, you should have received further information from Ascent with details regarding the transition of their plan participants.  For more information, please call 888-651-7643.  If you need to submit claims, please fax them to 888-272-8714. 

Once again, I applaud you for your commitment to high-quality dentistry for Coloradans and thank you for your constant support of this effort.  Rest assured, our commitment to you and your patients remains strong, and we will continue to work with you to improve this critical factor affecting you and your patients.


David C. Lurye, DDS
CDA President

April 2010