Select Classified Ad

Welcome to CDA’s new Classifieds system. We are automating this process so ads can be posted quicker and you have more control over them.

The number of characters determines the Classified cost. To help you select the proper ad size automatically, please write or copy/paste your ad content into the form below and select the correct package (look at the number of characters used to make your choice). Once you submit, you can set the number of months to run your ad and include images. If you are a member and logged in, you will also have access to our built-in spell checking tool.

A few important notes…

  • If you are a Member, Log in and return to this page before proceeding.
  • Pricing for the packages are as follows (price is per month);
    • Package #1 $35 – 200 characters
    • Package #2 $70 – 400 characters
    • Package #3 $210 – 1,200 characters
    • Package #4 $700 –  4,000 characters
    • Package #5 $2450 – 14,000 characters