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The Journal of the Colorado Dental Association is published quarterly (January, April, August and October) and distributed to the CDA’s 3,400+ members. The journal is also sent to subscribers and dental and medical schools throughout the U.S. and world. No other state publication reaches more dentists in Colorado than the Journal of the Colorado Dental Association. Through this periodical, the CDA communicates to its members information regarding legislative efforts for dentistry, member benefits, clinical articles, association news, practice management and financial planning.

The CDA offers display advertising in each of its quarterly journals. Submissions that meet our ad specifications and comply with our policies and guidelines will be accepted.*

*The CDA will not accept advertising from companies that compete against CDA-endorsed insurance programs, nor will it accept advertising from alcohol or tobacco-related companies.

Ads are due generally one month prior to publication. The below rates are for full-color ads. Black and white ads are accepted, but we encourage you to take advantage of your complimentary full-color benefit.

Contract & Artwork Submission Deadlines
Winter/January Journal due Dec. 1
Spring/April Journal due March 1
Summer/August Journal due June 1
Fall/October Journal due Sept. 1

Journal Ad Rates
January, April, August, October
(the CDA no longer publishes an annual membership directory)

Ad Size 1 Issue Rate 2 Issue Rate 3 Issue Rate 4 Issue Rate
Back Cover $1,365 $1,300 each $1,235 each $1,173 each
Inside Front Cover $1,307 $1,245 each $1,183 each $1,124 each
Inside Back Cover $1,208 $1,150 each $1,093 each $1,038 each
2 Full Page Spread $2,384 $2,270 each $2,157 each $2,049 each
Full Page $1,192 $1,135 each $1,078 each $1,024 each
1/2 page $943 $898 each $853 each $810 each
1/3 page $799 $761 each $723 each $687 each
1/4 page $758 $722 each $686 each $652 each
1/6 page $672 $640 each $608 each $578 each

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For more information, contact Molly Pereira at 303-996-2844 or

Classified Advertising 

classified-ads-screenshot-for-advertising-marketingClassified advertising is available through our automated system.  Ads run 30 days at a time and price is determined by character count.

The Classified Advertising page of the CDA website is the MOST visited page on the site with the highest number of pageviews.

To submit a classified ad, visit the Classified Ads section of the website. 



Online Advertising 

web-ad-screenshot-for-advertising-marketingThe Colorado Dental Association website receives about 15,000 unique visitors each month. Online advertisers may choose from a variety of tile ad sizes and link their ad to the website of their choice. Banner ads may consist of one static image or multiple cycling images.

Online Advertising Rates

  • Medium Ads, 230 x 200 px, $150
  • Large Ads, 230 x 360 px, $200

For more information, contact Molly Pereira at 303-996-2844 or


eNews Advertising 


The Colorado Dental Association distributes the CDA eNews to about 2,900 dentist members in Colorado. The eNews is emailed to CDA members in the months of February, March, May, June, August, September, November and December.

eNews Advertising Rate

  • Banner Ad, 550 x 150 px, $400

For more information, contact Molly Pereira at 303-996-2844 or