Take Action: Stop Dental Plans from Dictating Non Covered Service Fees

January 29, 2010

Did you know that some dental plans have adopted a policy to try to tell you what you can charge for services not covered under their plan?

This is a marketing scheme by dental plans which is blatantly unfair to dentists and can limit patient choice and treatment options.

The CDA has introduced a bill, HB 1144, to stop this unfair practice. The bill is an intuitive, one-line fix that simply says “if a plan doesn’t pay for a service, they can’t tell a dentist what they can charge for it.” The bill ensures fairness, preserves competition and protects quality dental care.

This bill is up for a critical vote by the state House on Monday, February 1 and insurers are stepping up their attacks on the dental profession prior to the vote. They are accusing dentists of price gouging and greed. Your legislators need to be reminded not to believe everything they hear from insurers. They need to hear from you about how this policy impacts your patients and your practice. Even if you don’t accept insurance, you can understand and speak to how this policy harms the profession and harms patients.

Please take 5 minutes to send a note to your legislator to ask their support for HB 1144. The CDA has software available that makes this process incredibly easy. We have already drafted a letter for you. Simply take a couple seconds to enter your contact information, customize the text and you’re done. It will literally take you 5 minutes or less to send a letter.

On behalf of your profession, on behalf of your practice – please click to take action now!

Thanks for your support,
Colorado Dental Association