2010 Pre Session Party Fundraising Events

January 13, 2010

CDA lobbyist Charlie Hebeler and CDA staff member Jennifer Goodrum attended party fundraising events for Senate Republicans, Senate Democrats and House Republicans on January 11 and House Republicans on January 12.

The events were used as a forum for distributing CODPAC checks to several legislators, who had requested CODPAC support. We contributed $200 to each candidate, reserving the remaining $200 of CODPAC funds ($400 is the max allowable PAC contribution) to assign to the action team leader to give after the session ends.

The party events also provided the opportunity to talk with several dozen legislators about the bills that the CDA will be involved in during the 2010 session. A number of legislators agreed to cosponsor and support our bill to prohibit insurers from setting fees for noncovered services. In addition, during these events, Rep. Jim Riesberg, Chairman of the House Health and Human Services committee, asked our help in organizing a presentation this session from organizations that provide low cost dental care. Rep. Riesberg’s outreach is confirmation that the CDA has good credibility with key legislators.