CDA Testifies on X-Ray Bill as Budget Passes House

April 2, 2010

In what came as a suprise to many, House lawmakers sprinted through the budget approval process this week – signing off on the bill by mid-day Thursday. The quick turnaround on the bill opens up additional time for the legislature to consider other bills this session and could signal an earlier adjournment. The budget now goes to the Senate for review and approval.

Also, the CDA testified yesterday regarding our experience with HB 1149, the bill that would increase x-ray fee limits.

The state department running the bill worked with the CDA to add an amendment requiring public rulemaking hearings and stakeholder involvement to ensure fair penalties for radiation rule lapses among the private practice healthcare community. Committee legislators had some April fools fun with their votes on the bills. HB 1149 was amended and referred to the Finance committee for further consideration.