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Access to Care: Have Dentist Will Travel

Access to dental care in rural communities in Colorado continues to be a hot button issue in the state. In underserved areas, seeking treatment from a dentist isn’t always as easy as calling up a local dental practice, Federally Qualified Health Center, or Community-Based Dental Clinic and making an appointment. It sometimes involves taking time off of work and traveling substantial distances to a dental practice. In extreme cases, patients might forego treatment, causing their dental problems to persist or escalate, forcing them to visit the emergency room instead of a dentist. 


What’s This Got to Do With Me?

By David Lurye, D.D.S.
I was sharing an Uber (a first for me) on the way from my hotel to the O’Hare airport recently. I shared the car with three dentists from “back east.”  They were telling me about how wonderful a presenter was at a meeting they attended, and how he did a computer mock-up showing “ideal,” Hollywood smiles for people, regardless if it fit in with their occlusion. Being inquisitive and respecting occlusion, I asked them what they do with that info.  They told me that they present it to their patients to get the “emotional sell” so that the patients want the smile so badly they are willing to have whatever done to the rest of their teeth to achieve it.


Rules Under Revision

By Jennifer Goodrum, CDA director of Government Relations
Every Colorado dental practice is governed by the Colorado Dental Board’s rules and policies.  As shared with CDA members through email and social media, the Colorado Dental Board is currently conducting a comprehensive review of its rules and policies. Nearly all dental board rules along with all dental board policies are being reviewed and revised through this process. Be sure to take time to review and submit any feedback on proposed changes, as they will impact your dental practice! 


Is it Time to Refinance Your Student Loans?

From the Spring 2016 Journal of the Colorado Dental Association

Dentists, young and old, have student loans. That hard-earned education provides a great future, but it can leave a lasting impression on the bank account. In many cases, the debt accumulation total is astonishing. According to the American Dental Education Association, the average dental student graduates with $247,227  of debt. The average annual tuition for dental students is $38,8261 for in-state schools and $53,7741 for out-of-state schools. 


Renewing Your Lease: Important Things to Know

By Ryan Nolan and Stephen Strecker
Leases and lease renewals are not typically conducted on a level playing field. After all, the landlord is in the real estate business and most doctors are not. By planning, however, it is possible to negotiate a lower lease rate, receive a substantial tenant improvement allowance and free rent.


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