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Vendor Spotlight: COPIC Financial Service Group

September 8, 2011

Understanding the complexity of insurance coverage for your dental practice can be a challenge. COPIC Financial Service Group provides some expert advice as to what you need (and don’t need) in terms of general liability coverage, workers’ compensation, employment practice liability and more.


Medicaid Reschedules Orthodontic Rule Hearing

September 7, 2011

Alert for Dentists who Provide Orthodontic Services Under Medicaid

Medicaid is currently accepting comments on proposed changes to the orthodontic benefit. There has been some recent public concern over the amount of money spent on Medicaid orthodontic codes and some misunderstanding about what is covered. The policy on orthodontic services is likely being revised to help address these concerns.

Medicaid issued a new revision of its policy draft in early September. Comments on the proposed rule changes can be submitted in person or by email, as detailed below. The current markup of Medicaid's orthodontic rule, including the September amendments, can be viewed here. Please note that Medicaid's Medical Services Board hearing on this policy has been rescheduled to Friday, October 14.


CDA Women’s Dentist Group Keeps Everyone in the Loupe

August 17, 2011

On July 16, the CDA “Ladies in the Loupe” group was officially launched with a brunch at the Denver Botanic Gardens.  Despite the high heat and humidity, over 90 women dentists from across Colorado attended the event.  The keynote speaker was Dr. Kathleen O’Loughlin, the ADA executive director.  Dr. O’Loughlin spoke to the female audience about the fact that women need to embrace leadership in their association to help shape their professional future in Colorado and nationally. 


Surviving the First Ten Years

August 17, 2011

New dentists, those who are 10 years or less out of dental school, are invited to attend an interactive study club organized by the CDA New Dentist Council (NDC).  Next month, don’t miss “What Your Banker Can do for You.”  The seminar will cover basic credit reporting information, scratch-start/practice acquisition loan details, practice loan refinancing advantages, and additional questions from the audience. 


CDA Action Team Leader Training

August 16, 2011

If you're interested in becoming more involved in educating the legislature about topics that affect the dental profession, you're invited to attend the CDA's Action Team Leader Training on Sept. 10.  With a sunset review of the Dental Practice Act quickly approaching and issues like dental mid-level providers on the horizon, it’s more important than ever that you learn how to effectively talk to legislators as an advocate on dental issues.


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