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Full details about the settlement are available by clicking here.  If you are impacted by this case, you have several options, which include claiming a payment, objecting to the settlement, attending the final settlement hearing, or excluding yourself from the settlement class.  If you do nothing, it simply means that you will not receive payment and will forfeit your rights to sue United Healthcare independently on this issue.

In order to receive payment, you must meet certain eligibility conditions, complete a claim form and file appropriate documentation prior to Oct. 5, 2010.  The eligibility conditions require that the dentist:

  • be an out-of-network provider who received assignment of benefits from a patient insured by United Healthcare at any time between March 15, 1994 and Nov. 18, 2009, and 
  • submitted a claim that was paid by United Healthcare for these covered out-of-network services.

Your reimbursement can be increased if you:

  • sent an adjusted bill to a patient after United Healthcare paid the out-of-network claim, or
  • were not paid in full by the patient and subsequently assigned the account to a collection agency, reported the patient to a credit agency, or agreed to a payment plan with the patient.

To assist you in filing your claim, United Healthcare is required to provide information about the eligible claims they paid to you from Jan. 1, 2002 through May 28, 2010.  You must submit a request using your tax ID number to access this information.  The form to request this information can be accessed by clicking here.

You may file your claim solely on the information provided through this request, or you may submit additional documentation to cover the expanded dates of service allowed by the settlement or to increase the reimbursement level for these claims.  However, you are required to provide all additional documentation, which may include explanation of benefit statements, accounting records, itemized patient bills, correspondence with collection agencies and payment plan agreements. This information can be submitted in either paper or electronic format. 

Under the settlement agreement, you have the right to learn whether any of your patients with outstanding balances received compensation related to your services.  However, please note that if you receive payment from United Healthcare on a claim under this settlement, you must release patients from any unpaid financial liability on such claim.

Please consult with your attorney or financial advisor to determine if you are eligible to receive payment under the settlement agreement and to compile the required documentation.  The deadline for filing a claim form is Oct. 5, 2010.

Notable Deadlines

Deadline for requesting exclusion from the class (opting out) – July 27, 2010
Deadline for objections, filing notice to appear at final hearing – July 27, 2010
Proof of claim due date – Oct. 5, 2010

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