State Dental Board Gets New Members, Plans Anesthesia Rule Revisions

Molly Pereira Featured News

May 23, 2012

Vacancies on the dental board were an ongoing challenge through 2011, and the CDA worked with the governor’s office to address this problem. A number of CDA members submitted applications for the vacant dental board positions. At the April 2012 meeting, the three vacancies on the dental board were filled. Dr. Lisa Fox, a pediatric dentist from Highlands Ranch, and Dr. David Thurgood, an oral surgeon from Fort Collins, were appointed to fill the vacant dentist positions on the dental board. Jean Brodnax, a clinical nurse specialist in psychiatry, was appointed to fill the vacant public member position on the dental board. There will be several additional vacancies on the dental board at the end of 2012, and the CDA will begin working with the governor’s office to fill those positions now.

Also of note, the state board plans to revisit it rules on anesthesia, last revised in March 2010. This rule revision might occur as soon as the state board’s July meeting. There has been some concern that the current list of Basic Life Support providers recognized in the rule is too restrictive. The rule will be revisited to address this concern. This rule revision may also present the opportunity to address other new and existing provider concerns with the anesthesia rule.