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Substance Abuse Intervention Bill Approved by Colorado Legislature

June 10, 2010

During the 2010 legislative session, the CDA actively supported HB 1033, a bill that would extend Medicaid reimbursement to healthcare providers who provide substance abuse interventions to their patients.  HB 1033 will save lives by encouraging more providers to help patients recognize substance abuse problems early-on and connect them with the help they need.

The House overwhelming approved the bill in mid-April.  The Senate passed the bill with a vote along party lines (with Democrats voting for the bill and almost all Republicans voting against it) in early May.  The governor signed the bill in early June.

During the legislative process, the CDA provided information in support of the bill, including statistics on methamphetamine abuse, costs to Colorado, and the efficacy and importance of treatment programs.  A special thanks to Dr. Brett Kessler for testifying and providing the data used to support this important bill.

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