Colorado Marijuana Law – time to adjust your health history questions!

Molly Pereira Featured News

February 19, 2014

Now that your patients can legally access and use medical or recreational marijuana in Colorado, it is a good time to review and modify your patient health history questionnaire.  Consider including the following questions:

1. Do you or have you used prescribed medical marijuana?   If yes, please indicate the condition being treated.  If yes, when was the last time you used medical marijuana (orally or inhalation)?

2.Do you or have you used marijuana recreationally?   If yes, when was the last time you used recreational marijuana?

By asking these questions of your patients, not only are you able to determine how to best treat your patients, but you can determine when your patients should be treated for non-emergency dental procedures.

This information was provided by Dr. Nathan Reynolds and Dr. Randy Kluender with the Dentists Professional Liability Trust of Colorado.