Program Improvements: Medicaid and CHP+ Provide 12 Months of Continuous Coverage for Kids

Molly Pereira Featured News

March 16, 2014

Good news! Beginning March 1, 2014, children who have either Medicaid or CHP+ benefits will have continuous coverage for 12 months, even if their family’s income or household size changes. Continuous coverage for Medicaid and CHP+ children can help greatly streamline eligibility checks for providers, and eliminate eligibility and billing problems caused by changing coverage. It also improves continuity of care, and can help provide consistent access to preventive and primary care services – resulting in better health for covered children.

Colorado is one of 24 states that now provides continuous coverage for children in both Medicaid and CHP+. Medicaid coverage for adults will be month-to-month. The Department of Healthcare Policy and Financing has not received legislative or federal approval for adults to have 12 months of continuous coverage. For more information, please see the department’s frequently asked questions at