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CE Is Required in Colorado

Track your CE and access your transcripts all in one place, using the new Member CE Depository! You will need your ADA number and ADA website password to access the depository.

CE Submission





CE can be obtained from numerous sources including state, local and national dental society meetings, dental study clubs, seminars, specialty group or academy meetings, university sponsored CE programs, original research and presentations, internships, residencies, military service, graduate study, home study, and more.

Starting in 2016, dentists and dental hygienists are required by the Colorado Dental Board to complete 30 hours of board approved continuing education per two-year licensure cycle.

To maintain CDA membership in good standing, the CDA requires its member dentists to complete 15 hours of CE each year.  At least eight of the 15 hours of CE must be at courses designed to enhance dental clinical skills and/or procedures. These hours must be obtained through CE programs offered by an organization that is:

  • an American Dental Association Continuing Education Recognition Program (CERP) recognized provider,
  • approved by the Academy of General Dentistry Program Approval for Continuing Education (PACE), or
  • an American Medical Association Category One continuing medical education course.

Documentation of CE credits should be submitted through the Member CE Depository.

For more information on CE qualification and documentation, contact Erica Carvin, CDA membership director, at 303-996-2842, 800-343-3010 ext. 102 or