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Joining the CDA is one of the best investments you can make! Learn about why you should join and the benefits you receive as a member.

Join the CDA (2 ways to join!)

  1. Complete the online ADA Universal Membership Application here.
  2. OR you can download and complete the ADA Universal Membership Application form. Then, save the form to your computer and upload it here.
  3. Once submitted, you will be emailed a link to pay your membership dues after your application has been processed. New applicants who prefer to mail in a membership application can download the file and send the completed document to the address provided. The CDA staff will mail and email you an invoice once your application has been processed.

Are You a Recent Dental School Graduate?

Recent graduates can join the CDA, ADA and their local dental society for FREE the first year. We understand that you are just starting your career, and appreciate your interest in organized dentistry. Your tripartite dues will be reduced for you first four years out of dental school:

  • Year 1: You pay $0 in dues
  • Year 2: You pay 25% of dues
  • Year 3: You pay 50% of dues
  • Year 4: You pay 75% of dues
  • Year 5 and thereafter: You pay the full dues amount.

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Become an Affiliate Member

In addition to the benefits you already receive from your local component, state association and the American Dental Association (ADA), the CDA can provide you with multiple opportunities that support you professionally and personally. ADA member dentists practicing outside the boundaries of the CDA are eligible for an affiliate membership. An affiliate member is entitled to the rights and privileges of an active member, however, an affiliate member doesn’t have the privilege to vote or hold an elected or appointed office or position in this association.

Have Questions?

Contact Erica Carvin, CDA membership director, at or 303-996-2842.