Association Glove Program

CDA Member Benefit: Special Member Pricing

Our endorsed glove and supplies program, administered by Association Gloves & Supplies, has greatly expanded its product line to offer you more opportunities to save on high-use products. These new products are available by the bag, box, or pack to make it easier on your budget and on your storage space. New to the product lineup are temporary crown and bridge materials, composites, bite registration trays and impression material, stainless steel pediatric crowns, imaging film and phosphor plates, sterilization pouches, pre-bent needle tips, and much, much more. We’ve added more depth to existing categories of products as well. Our satisfaction guarantee means you can try new products risk-free! If you don’t like them, you’ll get a refund.

Now’s the time to stock up and save on many of our most popular products.

The great values below are available until Dec. 31, 2017:


  • Cranberry: Crave – was $108.50 SALE PRICE: $97.65
  • Microflex: XCEED – Buy 8 boxes, get 2 boxes free [$142.50 after free goods]
  • Halyard Health: Aquasoft, Lavender, Sterling and Safeskin Purple: Buy 9 boxes, get 1 free; Flexaprene chloroprene: Buy 9 boxes, get 2 boxes free
  • BeeSure: NeoGrene – Save 10% now $133.65


  • BeeSure Floral Design Ear Loop Mask, Level 2; 50 per box; 8 boxes/case; 400 total = was $53.50 SALE PRICE:  $50.83
  • BeeSure Naturals Ear Loop Mask, Level 2; 50 per box; 8 boxes/case; 400 total = was $56.00 SALE PRICE: $53.20
  • Halyard Health Masks: Earloop Masks—Buy 8 boxes, get 2 boxes free


BeeSure non-woven gauzes, microapplicators, 90-degree and 105-degree prophy angles, saliva ejectors, air-water syringe tips with or without cores, sterilization pouches, impression trays, HVE tips and more.

Our endorsed glove program brings you high-quality products at an exceptional value, access to an easy recurring order program and great personal service. You have to purchase gloves, masks and supplies, so why not buy them from Association Gloves & Supplies, the organization that saves you money and supports your association? A portion of your purchase price is returned to your association to support programs and services you value.


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