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CDA Member Benefit: Special Member Pricing

Association Gloves & Supplies now offers Solmetex amalgam and dental waste management products. Association Gloves & Supplies is an authorized distributor of Solmetex products, and offers them to our association members at a reduced price. Solmetex is providing excellent promotions for the first quarter of 2018 for dentists who need to purchase an amalgam separator, need replacement collection containers, or who wish to upgrade from a legacy Solmetex Hg5 system to the new NXT Hg5 system, which boasts a smaller footprint and an easier-to-replace collection container.

The offers below are good through March 31. The rebate form is required for the offers.

  • Get a $100 end-user rebate on a new NXT Hg5 amalgam separator and receive a Practice Waste Solutions Amalgam Bucket free, when you pay our special price of $817 for a standard or mini system, or $2,700 for a high-volume system.
  • Change-out your Hg5 amalgam separator for the new NXT Hg5 amalgam separator for just $321.25. This upgrade restarts your two-year warranty!
  • Purchase three Hg5 series collection containers with recycle kits for $321.25 each and get a fourth one free. Limit 1 free kit per quarter.
  • Get a $25 rebate on any size Practice Waste Solutions amalgam bucket. Four sizes are available, ranging from $109.50 for a 1.25 gallon bucket to $189.50 for a 5 gallon bucket.
  • Enroll in the Solmetex complimentary AutoShip program for collection containers and receive a $10 gift card to Starbucks or Bath & Body Works. This offer is available only to current Solmetex customers.

Big Savings on Chloroprene Gloves, Masks, Disposable Products through March 31

Dentists seeking a glove with a great wet or dry grip are turning to chloroprene gloves in increasing numbers. Chloroprene and neoprene gloves are known for providing an excellent grip under wet conditions. They are extremely stretchable and are the most latex-like synthetic gloves on the market. The price of chloroprene gloves is a bit higher than latex or nitrile, but they are much more affordable between now and March 31, when you buy from Association Gloves & Supplies. You’ll also find discounted prices on many masks and disposable products throughout the first quarter of 2018.

Chloroprene Savings

Prices have been reduced on Cranberry and BeeSure chloroprene gloves, and Halyard Health is offering a buy-get promotion this quarter.

  • Buy 9 boxes and get 2 boxes free on Halyard Health’s Flexaprene glove. Pay just $141.25 for 2,200 gloves (11 boxes).
  • BeeSure NeoGrene gloves are reduced from $149.50 to $116 for a case of 2,000 gloves. That’s only $5.80 per 100 gloves.
  • Cranberry AquaPrene gloves are priced at $141.50, down from $155.50 for a case of 2,000 gloves. That equals $7.08 per 100 gloves.

Mask Specials

There is increased demand for level 3 masks, as more and more practitioners become aware of the increased protection these masks provide. To encourage this trend, we are offering special prices on some level 3 equivalent gloves.

  • Cranberry 360 level 3-equivalent mask features HydroGuard® protection. This mask is contoured to better fit the face and have fewer gaps. It comes in small and regular sizes and includes a fog-free strip. Buy this mask for just $77.25 per case of 320 masks (8 boxes of 40).
  • Cranberry Repel is a level 3-equivalent mask. It is a four-ply mask with a HydroGuard® layer and is also fog-free. It costs $62.78 per 400 masks (8 boxes of 50).
  • Buy 8 boxes, get 2 boxes free on all Halyard Health earloop masks in all levels.

Disposable Product Discounts

All BeeSure disposable products, including non-woven gauze, prophy angles, microapplicators, bite registration trays, saliva ejectors, HVE tips, air-water syringe tips and sterilization pouches are offered at 10 percent off. Most products sold by the case only.

Now Offering Products by the Bag, Box or Pouch

To help members save even more, we have introduced many new products that dentists use every day in high quantities, and are offering them by the bag, box or pouch. Be sure to try these items and see how much you can save. Compare our pediatric stainless steel crowns, priced at $21 for a box of 5, to similar products costing many times more.

All your purchases from Association Gloves & Supplies are risk free. If you are dissatisfied, simply call us for a refund. Shipping is always free and your satisfaction is guaranteed.


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