Amalgam Separators

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CDA Member Benefit: Free Hg5 collection container and Hg5 recycle kit.

If you order an Hg5 amalgam separator system, you will receive a free Hg5 collection container as your member benefit (a $189 value) and SolmeteX will also include an Hg5 recycle kit (a $126 value) as part of a limited special offer.

SolmeteX Hg5 Series of amalgam separators is compact, economical and easily maintained; the standard Hg5 system can service up to 10 chairs.  If space is at a premium, the Hg5 Mini fits into a lab cabinet and services up to four chairs. The collection container change process is simple – no tools, no mess. It is packaged for delivery to a recycler and a certificate will be uploaded to that can be easily printed or downloaded as a PDF for your records.

SolmeteX has created a certificate login hat contains training and inspection logs dental facilities can use with their Hg5 amalgam separator operations and maintenance plans. Facilities should maintain a good recordkeeping system and plan on keeping records for no less than three years. Download the employee training log and visual inspection log, or visit the SolmeteX website.

To order, complete the SolmeteX Member Benefit Form and contact your local dental products dealer. Mention that you are a member of the CDA to receive your free collection container!

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